A book that sticks with me

My Mom got this book out of the library ages ago, and we both loved it. It's about how changing the way you walk can make your life WAY BETTER!! It's called Walking your Way to a Better Life, by Kimiko. I still think of Kimiko sometimes, and her wonderful story.

There are a few things that make me feel good always: 1) breathing well, 2) walking well. This book is an inspiration..   transformation really is always possible! Her technique is one you can work on over time. Like many good changes, it takes time. My favourite idea for changing how you walk is: when you swing your arms while walking, pull them back a little more than you normally would– she says it looks sexy, and it does! 

Here is Kimiko's website (although it's in Japanese, there are some videos to check out). 

Also I really like the book cover design. Illustrations by Tsugumi Yunagi and Makino Shuppan.