Go Ti-Cats! Thank you Ed

One of my clients sent me and Greg to a Canadian Football League game to see the Hamilton Ti-Cats in action versus the Saskatchewan Roughriders on Friday October 9, 2015. Thank you so much Ed! – we had a blast! The final score was Roughriders 15/ Ti-Cats 30.

Although my interest in the game of actual football is eh, a bit so so, what could be more exciting than a cultural excursion into the heart of Canadian sport at the sparkling new – and shockingly bright – Tim Hortons Stadium in Hamilton with my sweetie!

Some personal highlights (mostly food-related) include:

  • The gracious person sitting in front of us offering Timbits to everyone around (in true Canadian style everyone was too polite to accept, until I broke the ice!)
  • Another person giving high fives to everyone in the vicinity whenever the Ti-Cats scored
  • Watching the men prancing about gorgeously accented in pink accessories (October being National Breast Cancer Awareness Month)
  • Ordering a regular-sized hot dog, only to find out they were out of the regular-sized hotdogs and felt their only option was to substitute the regular-sized one with literally the most humungous hot dog known to humankind
  • late night crab poutine at the Ship after the game