SNAIL MAIL FEATURE: The California Department of Motor Vehicle Writes me Back!

I Love Mail!

Dear Gracious Reader:

Mystery solved. Remember back in July when I shared a story about a graphic design job I was working on involving a California driver's license for a short film by script writer / director Lili Wexu? That job introduced me to the attractive and colourful California driver's license – which includes a laser perforation of the California Brown Bear that can only be seen when a flashlight is pressed up against the card!

For fun, if you recall, I sent an old-fashioned letter to the California Department of Motor Vehicles requesting information about who designed their beautiful Driver's License in 2009 and... they wrote me back! I got the letter today (below)! Thanks to Kimberley Webb, Associate Information Systems Analyst, for replying. Your signature is truly mesmerizing! And how fascinating that California's first driver's license back in 1913 was simply a letter-sized page on which was typed a description of the driver & a control number.

In 2009, the DMV hired L-1 Secure Credentialing (now called MorphoTrust – supplier of secure identity and biometric solutions) to assist with the re-design of the state driver's license.

Who else could I write snail mail letters to, asking interesting questions. Isn't it an interesting world we live in, communications-wise?