Don't Let Any Invisible Ceiling Hold you Down

In order to push my own boundaries, I read a lot of books under the category of "personal development". One particular book titled The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks has blown me away. Thank you Marie Forleo for bringing it to my attention in your enlightening video about Self Sabotage.

Did you know most lottery winners end up back where they started financially (or worse off) a few years after winning? Mr. Hendricks writes clearly & eloquently about an unconscious "thermostat" – a level of success at which we are most comfortable – and once we start to rise above it we unconsciously sabotage ourselves. I personally find this perspective extremely practical! For example, ever find yourself worrying about something kind of stupid? With this mindset, useless worry can be thought of as a great example of self sabotage. Or you start to exercise regularly, and then suddenly and mysteriously you develop a health condition. That's what the author calls an upper limit problem; we may all have it (if it's a helpful idea for someone to try out).

Yes. There are also some very real social conditions under which people struggle and encounter inequality, e.g., racial inequality, gender inequality, homophobia and poverty to name a few. These are real, and I feel a human responsibility to care and respond. Are people who don't have the basics of life encountering their upper limit problem? This question makes me uncomfortable because it pushes at the upper limits of my privilege. Everyone deserves the means to a safe and healthy life.

And, on the front lines of my own reality, I will continue testing out the idea of the upper limit problem as an empowering tool to help me navigate and respond to my world with as much grace and love as I can.

The book then goes on to identify causes for and strategies to help identify and overcome the upper limit problem. As the author suggests, try saying this phrase to yourself: Everyday I am expanding in Love, Creativity & Success (and inspiring others to do the same). See what happens? Enjoy!