Sometimes Art & Design Come Together - and Make Magic

Almost every day for the last few years, a very distinctive and beautiful poster has drawn my attention and enriched my bike rides through the Old East Village of London Ontario. Who (I wondered) created this masterpiece celebrating this neighbourhood? Was it (I speculated) someone from any of the highly esteemed marketing / design agencies here in London? A local collective of artistically oriented citizens? A design or art student looking to build their portfolio? 

Not even close. Never could I have imagined that the Old East Village Business Improvement Association had commissioned the artwork of an eminent & international fine artist named Simon Shegelman who lives here in London (in the Old East Village, naturally). 

"Shegelman's art carries a luminescence that is simultaneously romantic and philosophical. Remaining faithful to the ancient axiom that painting is silent poetry and poetry is the painting that speaks, Shegelman arranges colors in what is truly a poetic reflection on the world around him."
– Excerpted from The Shirman Gallery

The collage artwork shown here is the first out of three commissioned artworks. The second is already "out" – and I won't spoil the surprise if you haven't seen it yet – you are in for a treat (the second one is a painting). You can find reproductions available as postcards and posters from a variety of businesses in the Old East Village (e.g., my absolute favourite – the Root Cellar), as well as from the Old East Village BIA office itself at 316 Rectory on the third floor.

The folks at the Old East Village BIA are to be congratulated for what I consider a wildly successful art / design project that I get to enjoy daily.

And of course my hat goes off to Simon Shegelman for brightening my life with his exquisite art – I would really like to meet you.

Learn more about the artist online.