The Opposite of Danger

On Thursday, July 30 we are having an art show in our basement of our house at 81 Albion Street!

The show is titled "The Opposite of Danger". If you like art (abstract art in particular), please feel free to come by!

Here is the FB event page. Also, here is my existing art website. It will mostly be my new abstract artwork which I am excited to show. On display will also be the work of a few guest artists.

How did this come about? Why does someone have an art show in their basement? A few short months ago I was struck by 2 strange imperatives: 1) go into the cobwebby unfinished basement and forge a new space in which to make art. And 2) turn our 127-year old basement into a small gallery. These ideas blasted me at a time when I was considering moving because I was feeling frustrated by a lack of suitable workspace in which to make art. My vision was (and continues to be) for a spacious, bright workspace with a sink, where I can both make art (large and small) and also conduct the (computer-based) design activities which make up my business.

Although the basement is pretty much the opposite of my vision, the two ideas were unstoppable, largely in part thanks to my spouse Greg who kindly made way for me in his beloved man cave.

An old basement is kind of cool, you have to admit. To get down into the basement gallery to see the show, people will have to descend a treacherous stairway (definitely not wheelchair accessible – so we are making sure there will be action the main floor and in the backyard. This is where the original idea for "danger" came from for the show's theme.

What is the opposite of danger?