Turns Out the Opposite of Danger is Fun

On Thursday July 30, 2015 (three weeks ago), almost 40 people came out to an art show we had in our basement! It really was a happening.

Large format sign by Andrea Schmidt

Large format sign by Andrea Schmidt

The backyard was a magical, wild place for both big and little people. There was a station set up for kids to paint the wooden fence with water and paintbrushes / rollers of various sizes.

Throughout the evening, a hearty fire was tended to mostly by Greg and Clyde, and visitors were encouraged to toast homemade cinnamon marshmallows on pre-sharpened sticks. Thanks to one of the artists Gerda Wirick, we even had a tabletop mini-keg of Heineken, Greg's favourite!

Upon entering the house, a 24" x 30" large format sign – lighted, mounted & hung with grommets – greeted / warned visitors ("Danger: Please Hold Onto the Railing"). I am surprised and yet happy that this piece was purchased.

Although I was too busy to take photos during the actual event, happily our 4-year old has a love for taking photos with her Dad's digital Kodak camera. Her photos are always uniquely composed and angled upward, so we know who took them : )

And here are a few more photos of artwork by my good friend Christy. I will add a few more in the coming weeks.

 If you missed the show but would still like to see the artwork, please contact me and we can arrange a private viewing for you too (in the next few weeks, please)!