SURPRISE! The Courthouse Again. Part II

Last month I wrote a blog post about some art I discovered and really liked at the London Ontario Courthouse. I am not quite finished with that topic yet because . . . 

At the entrance to that very same Courthouse, yet another fascinating art installation greets you. I say "you" because you really could go there and experience all this for yourself (if you don't live in London Canada then please consider this a good excuse to come visit). The artist's name is Christopher Robert Wallis, stained glass artist.

This commissioned installation (I assume commissioned by the Ontario Government) is called simply "Mirrors". The plaque reads:

As you walk by this wall of convex mirrors
the reflection of your body and face is distorted.
Are you reminded of fun house mirrors?
Do you feel as if you are being watched?

The commission seems quite unexpected (and welcome) in such a stern public building. But is it a coincidence that there is an "art installation" of convex mirrors spanning the entire wall adjacent to the security check? You can actually see the security station in the photo if you look closely. Although the artist may well have had lighthearted and playful intentions – as indicated by the plaque – this may well be functional art.

Did you know that in 2014, the word "selfie" entered the Merriam-Webster English dictionary? "An image of oneself taken by oneself using a digital camera especially for posting on social networks." (1))

In the case of "Mirrors", it's impossible to photograph the installation without inadvertently taking selfies.