A New Painting - Revealed

In the A-Schmidt August 2015 newsletter I suggested a September art challenge. My idea was to anticipate and pre-empt any creative malaise I might be tempted to slip into during this busy month. Including a mandatory painting into my schedule this month was immensely gratifying and kept my energy and spirits up. To keep an effective level of momentum, I try to work on a painting every day (even if it is a short session), being gentle with myself on the odd day it just doesn't happen for whatever reason.

My policy during art making is that there's absolutely nothing I can do that is a mistake, which (while I admit is a lofty philosophy – especially when the painting is nearing completion) for me is absolutely necessary to prevent perfectionism from shutting down the entire operation. In this way, painting is also a practice of non-judgment. 

The painting is called Murmur, which I think is such a beautiful English word! It is 30" wide x 40" tall. Here is an animation of the painting as it evolved throughout the month. What do you think?