5 Blah-Kicking Tips to Staying Energized & Creative – even in January . . .

Living in Canada, in January my impulse is to . . . hibernate and watch Netflix. You? Here are 5 tips to stay energized and creative – even in January! Starting with the most painful but easy:

1. Hide the leftover Christmas goodies and the Bailey's! This is assuming you overdid it big time over the holidays and are now grazing mindlessly on leftover Turtles. Christmas is over and my friend Jennifer Squires Ross advises to get it out of sight. Or better yet – out of the house.

2. Get Plenty of Rest. A bit exhausted anyone? Rest. Stare at a wall and daydream. Nap! Go to bed early with a cup of tea and a good book! January is a great month to slow down and take extra good care of yourself. I know this may sound like the opposite of staying "energized" – but pushing yourself when you're tired can be counter productive.

3. Go Toboganning! Toboganning may be the very last thing you feel like doing. Do it anyway – and I PROMISE you will thank me! There are so many good reasons: the exhilaration, the exercise, the nature, the quality time spent with friends / family and children / dogs and last but not least the fun. Movement really is medicine! You will be so glad you did it. Skiing and skating as exhilarating as well. And if you live in a warm climate . . . just be thankful and go for your jog ; )

4. Commit to doing ONE teeny tiny creative activity before turning on Netflix. Just 5 minutes. You can do it . . . All you want to do is curl up – but even if you do just one small creative thing, I guarantee you will notice a surge of life energy that is well worth the effort. And your 5 minute session may turn into an hour or more...

5. Read Steven Pressfield's The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles. This quick & inspirational read will help you understand and dispel creative resistance, maybe forever. The book can likely be found at the public library. Seriously amazing for anyone with even the smallest inclination to create anything!