Barb Stegemann, Inspirational Speaker

 7 Virtues Perfume by Barb Stegemann.  Make Perfume Not War

7 Virtues Perfume by Barb Stegemann. Make Perfume Not War

Yesterday I was incredibly fortunate to hear a talk by Barb Stegemann – captivating motivational speaker, author & social Canadian businesswoman - at the London Small Business Centre Epic Event. Congratulations to the Small Business Centre staff for facilitating such an enriching morning!

Although I was truly moved by her words, what astonished me most about Barb's talk went beyond the beauty of her stories – for me the impact came from her spirit – her unusual aliveness and "flow" up there on the stage. Lights blaring into her eyes, in front of a room of strangers, openly sharing her wisdom with grace – including deeply personal struggles. She talked about truth, about peace, about joy, about the importance of holding on tightly to your joy, and about sharing your gifts – as though it were perfectly normal to do so in a "business environment."

Barb also used the phrase "emotional capital" a number of times throughout her talk – a term I was not familiar with. RocheMartin defines it as: "the feelings, beliefs, perceptions and values that people hold when they engage with any business. It’s the emotional assets in your organization that determine whether or not people will work well for you, buy from you, employ you and enter into business with you." An interesting and empowering concept that values feelings, especially for people (like me) who conduct their life in an emotional / intuitive style.

When I asked Barb how she stayed connected with her spirit she wrote:

My soul guides me. It is who I am. My “broken bits,” my mortal, bumbling-along-not-worthy body simply works every day to be worthy of my divine soul. And perhaps by the time I am 96, my body will have earned the right to be with this glorious soul...”

Thank you Barb! I am inspired, motivated and moved by your talk.