For Immediate Release: Friday, November 11, 2016

LONDON, ON – When London-based graphic designer Andrea Schmidt took a sabbatical to study Baking & Pastry Arts at George Brown College, little did she suspect that her unusual career choice would lead her to create a book titled THE FUN OF BAKING BREAD! Impress your Guests, Teach your Kids & Never Buy Bagged Bread Again, launching next week.

“When I was introduced to the magic of bread making at George Brown, I unexpectedly fell head over heels in love. There is nothing that delights me as much as the process of transforming a few simple ingredients into a fragrant, delicious loaf of bread – designed by its’ very nature for sharing with loved ones. At the same time, commercial bread has become extremely unpopular – for some very good reasons. I have been reducing my intake of bread quite severely over the last few years, so I had to come to terms with my love for bread and the simple fact that I feel better when I eat less of it," Andrea says. Her solution? Eat less bread, eliminate sugar, exercise regularly. And enjoy every precious bite, including delicious grain-free “bread” from page 49 containing ground pecans. The book also includes some gluten-free, wheat-free and vegan recipes.

“There are lots of complicated bread baking books out there; however, this book is for people who love delicious breads and who enjoy working with their hands to reconnect with their food. You will learn simple techniques to slow down fermentation and make incredible bread at home using ingredients you have on-hand. You do not need to grow ancient grains in your background in order to make very good bread at home,” she says.

As well as providing 26 recipes with variations, the book also provides links to 5 online video tutorials, as well as a facebook group page for people to share photos of breads they’ve made at home. The Foreword to the book is written by George Brown instructor & cake artist Sarah Fortunato, and the printed book follows close on the heels of a successful kickstarter campaign.

The book launch will be hosted at London Ontario's newest teashop: Teatcha (44 Blackfriars St.) on Tuesday, November 15, 2016 between 5pm–7pm. The first 40 people will receive a gluten-free cheese puff straight from page 47 of THE FUN OF BAKING BREAD, and the chance to win a book. The book will be available for sale at at the launch & online

“This book is approachable and user-friendly. I recommend it to anyone who is curious about baking bread but feels slightly intimidated – they should go ahead and give THE FUN OF BAKING BREAD a try," comments Chef Brian Erskine, owner of Hangar B Eatery (Cape Cod, Connecticut), also originally a London Ontario native.

Andrea Schmidt
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 The Fun of Baking Bread! NOW AVAILABLE

The Fun of Baking Bread! NOW AVAILABLE

ANDREA SCHMIDT holds an Honours Degree in English Rhetoric & Professional Writing from the University of Waterloo. During further study in George Brown's Baking & Pastry Arts program, she was inspired to develop recipes after winning the “People’s Choice Award” for a shortbread recipe. Upon graduation, Andrea helped with the opening of Dough Bakeshop on the Danforth (Toronto, Ontario). She went on to sell, bake and deliver her own warm bread by bicycle in Cabbagetown. Andrea now bakes bread regularly at home in London Ontario while working as a graphic designer and abstract artist. A-SCHMIDT.COM / ASCHMIDTART.COM