Picking Movies

Part of being in a relationship is finding movies you both want to watch. And then – eventually you stumble across mind-blowing films that you may never have watched if you hadn't been working to accommodate someone else's tastes! I call that a "piggyback" movie. Some of my all-time favourites include Predator, Easy Rider, and Godfather III. What movies have you loved that were discovered by piggybacking on someone else's tastes?

Here are 4 movies I've watched this year (in order). Although only #3 qualifies as an official piggyback hit, the others were also based on combined decision making.

1) Under the Skin
It seems almost impossible not to admire the work of Scarlett Johansson. Under the Skin is compelling, and dream-like, leaving a disturbing residue on my psyche. That's really all I have to say about it. I don't highly recommend it unless you have a lot of time on your hands and you really like creepy. 

2) Cowspiracy
I finally watched this movie. And of course I was shocked and moved and schooled. Even though I did come across and consider some critiques (such as this one) relating to the film's overall credibility, I am pretty sure that if we all stopped supporting animal agriculture and ate less (or ideally no) animal products, our planet would be a lot better off. And... today I bought some noodles made of tofu (but I'm by no means self-righteous after eating hot dogs for lunch).

3) Ip Man II
The protagonist – Ip Man (played by Donnie Yen) is an honourable, humble, generous, clever, and of course ass-kicking martial arts master (real life teacher of Bruce Lee) who must jump through hoops to set up his Wing Chun school. After watching this movie, I felt like my soul had been somehow enriched by exposure to the protagonist's honour.

4) Iceman

This movie shows up in the "Sci-Fi" category (in Netflix). And by coincidence, once again we get to enjoy Donnie Yen!  This film is epic, fun, and sily – including long-distance peeing, flying shit, honour, kindness, ass-kicking... I enjoyed some of it, but I was tired and didn't finish it. But I really did enjoy watching Donnie Yen helping people and flying all around Hong Kong.