U Can Do It! Part I

U Can Do It! is the actual name of a conference series put on by Hay House (started by Louise Hay in the 1980s). As an early birthday present to myself year, I signed up and attended the entire conference in Toronto this past weekend. For me, it was heaven. My mind is blown! Oh my, there was so so so much great stuff to absorb and remember and learn. So, I am going to write in parts about some of what I heard and experienced, starting with Anita Moorjani, who was the first speaker.

The only author in the speaking lineup that I was overly familiar with before attending the conference was Anita Moorjani – because my Mom lent me her book (titled "Dying to be Me") a few years ago, and the book had a huge impact on me. In fact, the book revived in me a new and extremely keen interest in reading stories of people who have nearly died – and come back to tell about it (also known as "near death experiences" or NDEs). Because of advanced resuscitation technology and YouTube, there are many fascinating stories easily available. Jeff Olsen's story is one of my favourite, if you are interested in hearing an example. 

Anita's story is exceptional in that it was documented so thoroughly in the hospital where she very nearly died, so far along was her cancer. For skeptics, her story also includes verifiable events, which she could not have been aware of while unconscious.

Anita's body had broken down, and her organs were failing. She went into a coma, and the doctors advised her family members that these were her last hours on earth. I will let you look her up yourself if you want to hear details, but – while unconscious – she realized that most of her life was being lived from a place of fear (including ostensibly healthy actions, for example eating healthy).

Advocating self love, she says "love yourself like your life depends on it." Isn't it true that unless we actively and consciously work on filling ourselves with love, that fear comes as the default? This was a great reminder for me. The absence of love is fear, she says. Her beautiful advice is to focus on what brings joy.

In Part II, I'll say a few words about Mike Dooley, teacher and writer of Notes from the Universe. One of his exuberant comments at the conference was that – as fascinating as near death experiences may be "in-body experiences are where it's at". Ya!