Content Writing for the Web


“Build Your Audience” by Inspiring, Educating & Delighting your reader (and potential clients)

I can help you by creating strategic, audience-focused blog content that will be an asset for your business for years to come.

Let’s create and amplify audience-driven blog posts for your website so you can focus on the work that you love most.

This process involves:

  • An analysis of where you’re at with your communications (e.g., do you already have a blog set up? do you already have a book written (congratulations!), from which we can create endless amounts of incredible content?) / who is your audience / what do they care most about.

  • Once we establish how to help your particular audience, we start working with an organized editorial calendar.

  • Starting with headlines and ideas (which you review & approve), I write web content that attracts, entertains, teaches & delights your audience so that your business grows.

  • Content is amplified with attractive branded images on social media, and through an optional service called Omnipresence – which involves amplifying the most popular posts on facebook – for $1/day – to a targeted audience.

Extremely top notch professional writer, with exceptional customer service!! I was impressed and thankful from the first interaction. Then totally blown away when receiving the end result! I cannot say thank you enough and look forward to finding a way to keep working together.
— Stacie Overman, Angelic Medium & Teacher
Andrea is a fantastic content writer. Not only does she produce extremely high-quality, well-researched, engaging content, she takes the time to understand the target audience. She also understands that different headlines can generate higher click-through rates and crafts multiple compelling headlines to split-test. Additionally, she knows how to incorporate links to sources in a smooth and natural way within the articles to back up the content and build credibility. I’ve worked with a lot of writers, and Andrea is definitely in the top tier. I can’t wait to work with her more in the future, and if you’re looking for fantastic content, written quickly, I highly recommend Andrea – you won’t be disappointed – in fact, I’m sure you’ll be thrilled with her results.
— Drew Harrison, Digital Marketer

Samples – See More Samples Here!

client: allison braun, smell the damn roses

My client from Smell the Damn Roses, was seeking help with web traffic to promote a festival promoting creativity & mental health. To attract attention for her project, I created a blog post and some social medial graphics for her by compiling the answers to a compelling question we asked local experts in her area, making sure to showcase them for exposure. 

Andrea knows what she is doing and walked me through the process. She made a lovely blog post for my site.”
— Allison Braun, Smell the Damn Roses


by Andrea Schmidt

client: the university of waterloo alumni

I was honoured to be invited to guest blog for the University of Waterloo Alumni website.