How does the Graphic Design Process Work?

In a nutshell: my job is to help you communicate your message as beautifully and effectively as possible by solving visual problems – using tools such as colour, photography, hierarchy, type, space, alignment, illustration.
As a bonus, if needed, I correct typos and help make the content flow! : ) Here are some of the steps in the process:

  1. Planning: First, let's discuss your project and see whether we will be a good match. We can communicate in person, by telephone or by email. We will discuss the project timeline, project costs, printing needs (if any), your goals, your vision, your thoughts, your content, likes & dislikes, colour, your copy, your budget, file formats, and possibly more (or less).
  2. Research & Visual Problem Solving: After we are confident that we understand one another, I retreat to my studio to absorb all we've discussed, research printers or other vendors as needed, and use my creative problem-solving abilities to work through a variety of possible visual solutions. Ultimately I settle on, and develop, a few of the best ideas (based on everything we talked about).
  3. Review: You will receive some design "comps" (in most cases, I will send you 2 solid and different designs to choose from) in an email. Then it's up to you to reflect on the creative work: take your time! Ask your friends and family. Use your instincts. Mix & match. It's exciting.
  4. Revisions & Final Proofs: When you're ready, send me your thoughts – and now we make revisions until you are extremely happy with the results! Then you receive all the file formats you could possibly want.
  5. Follow up: did you forget something important? No problem at all - consider it added! : )

What makes my work different than other graphic designers?

When creating communication materials, I will always carefully consider the goals of the piece first. My strengths as a designer include working with type, colour and white space in a way that takes into account the subject matter, context, and meaning of a project. I ask a lot of questions and do a lot of listening before starting work on any design project. With a background in writing I am curious about the ways that structure and form support your unique message, which will remain the forefront of the final work.

I encourage anyone who is asking me for a quote to review my work carefully to make sure we will be a good fit.

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