Do you need some posters, flyers, postcards, business cards?

I absolutely love to plan and design these types of communications materials.

A lot less “stuff” is being printed these days (and that’s probably good).

But, here are 2 reasons to consider print – now more than ever!

1) Because of the tactile qualities, printed materials can be very engaging!

With beautifully designed printed communication and marketing materials, the users engage their senses to see and feel your work. They will potentially tack it up on their fridge. That’s the goal! If you’re going to print something, make it lovely and consider the tactile quality.

2) with digital printing, Now you can print short runs!

Very inexpensively, you can now print just a few things, not 1000s!

My service includes gathering printer quotes for you (as needed), as well as communicating closely with the printer to make the project is a complete success from design mockups and proofing to pickup!

"I would recommend Andrea without hesitation for design and production." – Li Eng-Lodge, Principal, Creative, Electra Design Group

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