The Fun of Baking Bread!

A book of stylish bread recipes for those who want to take their “bread game” to the next level – using easy to access ingredients.

Do you grow ancient grains in your backyard, and coddle a sourdough starter using only the finest organic flours?


This book is ONLY for you if you’re determined to make glorious bread, but refuse to kill yet another sourdough starter (using an absurdly easy technique of pre-fermenting overnight).

Imagine: beautiful, glorious and fragrant bread, with the absolute least amount of effort possible.

A few precious copies of the book are still for sale (physically printed, soft-touch laminated, full colour). After a delightful Kickstarter launch, this (my first book!) will always have a special place in my heart.

Foreword by notable Canadian Chef Sarah Fortunato! Heart heart.

Order an autographed, printed book while there are still a few left!

samples of the interior pages:

Or be boring and get the Ebook (just joking!)


If you buy the The Fun of Baking Bread!, you can engage in a lively and enjoyable Facebook group to swap bread baking stories including both successes and mishaps! : )