Website Setup for the Timid

You know you need help setting up a simple, modern website for your business but you are overwhelmed: where, even, to start...? 

You've come to the right place! Using my handholding method for the timid, I will gently guide you through this process – wherever you are at. 

My business is to make the process easy and pleasant for you even if you have zero technical knowledge or interest! 

When you work with me, this is what you will get: 

  • A great experience moving forward with your website

  • A gorgeous, search-engine friendly website that works on all mobile devices, based on the most up-to-date web standards (currently HTML 5)

  • Guidance with your content from a compassionate and patient communications professional (that's me! : )

  • Ability to transfer your existing domain name to the new site or get a new one

  • Attractive modern design with exceptional options for web typography

  • Optional blog (or news section)

  • Training – so that once your site is set up, you're able to update content yourself (as opposed to having to pay a web designer every time you need a small change)

  • Templates can be switched / updated / customized any time

  • Ease into the process with a "trial" website that you can review before deciding 100%

  • The entire process can take as little as 5 working days (if you already have your web "content" ready, i.e., text and images)

I was very happy with the whole process. I am emphatically NOT computer literate and found Andrea to be sympathetic, knowledgeable, accurate and efficient with both her time and mine. Andrea also has a good “eye” and was able to make suggestions about content and design as well as the whole web process. I would certainly trust her with the management of any similar project in the future.”
— Shirley Clement, Canadian Textile Artist

Case Study

In February 2017, Shirley Clement was referred to me for some web updates. Shirley is a Canadian textile artist who creates beautiful handmade pillows, showcasing her work every year in the London Artist Studio Tour.

Her website was sorely outdated, and the gallery no longer worked.

Working closely to help her understand different aspects of the (somewhat confusing) process, I created a new website for her in Squarespace based on my graphic design skills and what I knew she really appreciated about her old site. 

We strategically gave her pillows and artistic process much more prominence, re-wrote the homepage copy to clarify what she does, re-worked her navigation to make it more friendly for users, and in the process improved her search engine results.

As a bonus, I corrected a typo that had been lurking for years on the home page of her old site. 

Once she was excited about the new site, I then worked diligently and patiently with her old web host and domain name provider to transfer her domain to the new site and to cancel the old services she no longer needed. 

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