Have Your Self-Published Book DONE within 6 Months
with my
Create Your Dream Book Service!

I’ve got exciting news for you. 

Within 6 months (or whatever the perfect timeframe is for you), you can be holding something incredible in your hand:

A book written by you. 

Life is about to get delightful!   

I’m talking about a physical book – in your hands – with your name on it (these days, it’s possible to order as few as one copy!). 

OR – maybe it’s just on the screen as an Ebook : )

In any case: it’s the book you wrote

It’s beautiful. 

Picture the thrilling moment when you might hold it for the first time. 

It smells like new book.

You flip through, smiling at each familiar paragraph.

You’re proud that the Foreword is written by someone who commands attention.  

Even the spine is designed with care to be eye catching.

But wait! I have to be honest – there is a downside. Once it’s printed, you’ll have to organize the book launch – and invite everyone you know :)    

I don’t think you’ll mind too much!


Let me clarify, please

Most people write a book – and then figure out how it will look.

In 99.9% of cases, the writing and the design/layout of the cover and interior are separate processes. This is all fine and good, and there are reasons for this.


Because I am both a writer & a book designer, I discovered something amazing while writing my first book that I want to share with you!

It can be extremely motivating to get the design of the book underway WHILE it’s been written!

Something I call “Powerful Pre-Design.”

Now I can see your brain starting to melt down: “don’t I have enough to do while writing the book?”

Good point.

However: Powerful Pre-Design is part of what I do to help you move through the writing process more powerfully.

I combine the power of coaching/accountability with power of visualization – pre-book design.

Imagine how motivating it would be to see a photo of yourself holding a professional “pre-designed” cover of your book – no matter where you are in the writing process.

This was my discovery when I wrote my first (and now, as I embark on my second book).

So, to clarify, here’s what i do: I encourage you and hold you accountable as you write your book.

AND as part of the coaching, we work on the “container” of the book as a way to inspire and motivate you!

Yes, we combine two normally separate processes.

AND by the end, you have a beautiful, professionally designed, industry-standard book!

Hmm Sounds Kind of Complicated

You have SOOOOOOOOOOO many options when it comes to self publishing your book (is your head spinning yet?!).

However, there is no one else on the market who will help you get it written and designed using my delightful and harmonious Create your Dream Book Service to coax you through the process.

With my service, you are 95% more likely to actually complete your book.

According to research, you are 95% more likely to reach your goal when you commit to a system of accountability, and you are incentivized.

There is no one else offering this service because it is based on my unique experience as a professional writer and graphic designer.

As an intuitive designer and writer, I’m passionate about helping people honour themselves and their work – using visual communication which includes the subtle use of type, space and colour! This is what I live for!!

I work with kind, motivated, clear communicators who want to joyfully bring their work into the world and make it beautiful and professional in a way that is unique to you and your vision.

I help inspiring entrepreneurs who know that they want to write a book (or have already started it) to ensure it actually happens!

My clients’ excitement comes from the way I interpret their energy and amplify it in visual form, honouring them and their work, and helping them make more money.

“Andrea Schmidt designed my book, The Boreal Curmudgeon, and did a stellar job of it. My illustrator, Heidi Marion and I were delighted with the quality of her work. The book looks beautiful. In spite of delays and confusion at our end, Andrea always completed her work on time, and there were no surprises in the budget. She was endlessy patient and helpful and contributed quite a lot more than she was paid for in the way of help and advice, going so far as to copy edit the book at no extra charge. This was my first venture into self-publishing and without Andrea’s expertise, I would have been lost. I would not hesitate to engage her services again if I had a similar project in mind.”
— Al Pope, Journalist & Author 

I uncovered some very effective techniques when I was writing my own book, and I can’t wait to share them with you.

When I was 5 years old, I wrote, illustrated and self-published my first book with glue, crayons and some scrap paper.

That was before crowd funding.

Since then, I went on to write, design, photograph, edit and successfully kickstart my next book, The Fun of Baking Bread!

It was an incredible challenge.

On the surface, I am a non-fiction writer, book designer & coach – beautifully transforming your ideas, research, words and ideas using the principles of design to share your message.

But what I really do is honour you, and help you honour yourself – by turning your work into a unique, exciting and beautiful printed product (+Ebook) that will take your breath away when you catch sight of it!

Sometimes I see my book on my bookshelf and my breath is taken away – did I do that?!

Yes, I did!

"That" is called alchemy.

Create Your Dream Book!

Here are a few questions for you:

  • Have you already recognized that you have to write the book? Like really, really really?
    For me this was a weird imperative that I couldn’t ignore: I didn't know exactly what the end result would be, but knew I HAD to do it!

  • Have you recognized your own pitfalls and figured out strategies to navigate around them yet?

  • Are you getting the kind of accountability you need in order to get the project finished in a delightful and sometimes challenging way?

  • Do you want and need an experienced book designer with an impeccably clean design sensibility who loves to play with the subtleties of white space and typography to transform your words into a professional industry-standard book you will be nuts about for years to come?

  • With copyedits for free (because I can't help it)?!

Using my Create Your Dream Book Service, I support you to get the first draft (minimum) of your book written & designed – including making magic happen by transforming your writing into an ACTUAL PRINTED BOOK in your hands – within whatever time frame we decide on in our Strategy Session.

Forget "someday!"

You already know you’ll write the book.

Seriously, why wait?

I did it. And I'm doing it again!

More than likely, you will write a series too!

Using my unique approach that combines the writing and design with laser-sharp coaching, I guide people who are determined to self-publish their Dream Book, and have a great time doing it! 

In my experience: the moment of holding your own gorgeous, unique book is very validating and exciting! It’s a moment to honour yourself and your work. 

My service is designed for resourceful entrepreneurs who are determined to finally overcome all the obstacles and write your darn book.  

My Create Your Dream Book Package includes:

  • 1 printed and professionally designed bound copy of your book in your hands (colour cover / black ink interior) – perhaps in first draft, or perhaps in its final draft – within a specific timeframe that we decide on ahead of time (no matter where you are at with your writing, you’ll still have a beautiful designed book, or book “proof” to show for your efforts)  

  • Custom strategy session that includes schedule planning (we work backwards to ensure you’ll have a book in your hands at the end of “x” months)

  • Unique book coaching exercises to help you as a grow as an author and as a person through this process

  • Professional book cover design that reflects YOU and YOUR WORK, as well as industry standard and marketing best practices – including front cover, back cover, and spine (– even a humble book spine needs to stand out on the library bookshelf!)

  • High-level, professional interior book design that reflects YOU and YOUR WORK, as well as marketing best practices – including hyperlinked Table of Contents, hyperlinked cross-references (as required), and indexing (as required). 

  • Professional, loving guidance on the “front matter” material (e.g., title page, copyright page etc.)

  • Book coaching (8 sessions of encouragement and coaching)

  • Professional guidance for all technical details of getting your vision and writing into an actual book

  • Professional, loving guidance for all the trillions of small book details – e.g., getting advance review copies out to a few special people to review in order to have endorsements on the back cover

  • File formats for the web – PDF for print & web, .epub file, jpgs of cover and cover mockups for marketing purposes

  • Don’t worry about this now, but please note – if you want one for your book, you will need to secure your own ISBN number for your book (although I can generate the barcode for your ISBN).

My deluxe Book Package includes:

  • Everything above


  • An author web platform built on WordPress

Yes Please! How Does This Work?

STEP 1: The first step is a free, no-strings attached 20-minute online Coaching Call where we explore where you are at, identify roadblocks, and find ways for you to move ahead more powerfully with your project.

By the end of this first session, you will have some homework to do that will help you move forward. 

STEP 2: Then – you decide whether you’d like to invest $97 for an online Strategy Session where we talk about scheduling and other practical details, and you can ask me questions about the Create a Dream Book System.

At this point, we should both have enough information to know whether it’s a match made in heaven! 

STEP 3: You can pay the full amount for your package, or choose to pay a monthly amount (for however many months we decide to commit to working on your book together: 3 months (e.g., if your book is already written) / 6 months / 12 months.