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clienttravelling baker (me)

Many bakers are intimidated by working with yeast. This blog post highlights the wisdom of professionals who overcame their fear of baking with yeast. 

Results: Traffic uplift of 850.0% mo/mo for June 2018 after sharing it to the a private FB page, from one single blog post!

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clienttravelling baker (me)

I created this video breakdown blog post to describe the process of creating a sourdough starter, and address common concerns.  

The topic was requested directly from within my Fun of Baking Bread Facebook group, which has more than doubled in the last 3 months. 

client: allison braun, smell the damn roses

My client from Smell the Damn Roses, was seeking help with web traffic to promote a festival. To attract attention, I created a blog post and some social medial graphics for her by compiling the answers to a compelling question we asked local experts in her area, making sure to showcase them for exposure. 

Andrea knows what she is doing and walked me through the process. She made a lovely blog post for my site.”
— Allison Braun, Smell the Damn Roses


by Andrea Schmidt

client: the university of waterloo alumni

I was honoured to be invited to guest blog for the University of Waterloo Alumni website.