Logo Design

If your business had a "face" what would it look like – elegant and timeless, or strong and energizing? 


Logo design usually takes me between 10–14 hours from start to finish. This includes consultation, research, 3 beautiful logo options for you to consider, incorporation of your suggestions until you are extremely happy. Once the logo is approved, you will receive all the file formats you could ever possibly hope for. My rate is $70/hour + HST. 

When I started my voiceover company over 10 years ago, I needed branding and had no idea where to start. Andrea just ‘got me’ and created a timeless image that captures my personality and my business vibe all at once. I identify so much with it now, that I’ve used it across other businesses, and can’t foresee the need to change it. I believe her sensitivity as an artist is what sets her apart in creating truly beautiful, modern, and artful designs.
— Lili Wexu, Voice Artist & Actor