Let’s make sure your book looks AMAZING!

Your work changes people’s lives for the better. I am a non-fiction Canadian book designer with the desire to honour your work with excellent book design. What does that mean?

I help Book Editors/Book Coaches and Independent Publishers/Authors transform non-fiction manuscripts into beautiful books that are designed to sell.

The work we do together is an investment in YOU and your business. Below are some services you may need!

Andrea Schmidt : Mom, freelance book designer/writer, public library enthusiast

Andrea Schmidt: Mom, freelance book designer/writer, public library enthusiast

Hi – I’m Andrea! Nice to Meet You!

Working with me, you get:

  • Delightful, friendly & easy assistance with someone who cares about and listens deeply to you.

  • Professionalism – e.g., the work done – always on time – or sooner.

  • Book marketing assistance based on your audience.

Are you in a people-driven helping business (e.g., Coach, Healer)?

  • Has your business survived the setting up phase, and is now expanding?

  • Are you in need of improved marketing materials and more effective communication (e.g., a non-fiction book, audience-driven blog posts)? 

  • Has your business started to thrive, and you would like to put a small team together for building the business on a long term basis (with each person doing what they love and are best at)?

  • Is your business built on compassion and kindness? Do you value clear communication?

If this is you, I’d love to add value into your business and help you grow.

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