Andrea Schmidt: Mom. Non-Fiction Book Designer. Frisbee Thrower/Catcher

Andrea Schmidt: Mom. Non-Fiction Book Designer. Frisbee Thrower/Catcher

You Already KNOW You’ll Write Your Book... Someday.

But why wait?

I help inspiring, resourceful entrepreneurs go from simply wanting to write their book – to having a printed, beautifully designed copy in their hot little hands within 6 months. 


When I was 5 years old, I wrote, illustrated and self-published my first book with staples, crayons and some scrap paper.

That was before crowd funding.

Since then, I went on to write, design, photograph, edit and successfully kickstart my next book, The Fun of Baking Bread!

It was an incredible challenge.

If I could do that – you can too! Do it with me.

On the surface, I am a non-fiction book designer – beautifully transforming your ideas, research, words and ideas using the principles of design.

But what I really do is honour you, and help you honour yourself–by turning your work into a unique, exciting and beautiful printed book that will take your breath away when you catch sight of it! Sometimes I see my book on my bookshelf and my breath is taken away – did I do that?! Yes, I did!

"That" is called alchemy.

  • Have you already had your “mega realization” that you HAVE to write the book?

  • Have you recognized your own pitfalls and figured out strategies to navigate around them yet?

  • Are you getting the kind of accountability you need in order to get the project finished in a delightful and yes sometimes challenging way?

  • Do you want and need an experienced book designer (me!) with an impeccably clean design sensibility who loves to play with the subtleties of white space, spacing and typography to turn your words into a professional book you will be nuts about for years to come? And copyedits for free?

Using my Self-Publish Your Dream Book Guidance program, I support you to get the first draft of your book written – then we we make magic happen by transforming your writing into an ACTUAL PRINTED BOOK in your hot little hands - within 6 months! Forget "someday!"


Let me hold your hand! Let's do this!

You want this. I want this for you

I am based in (but not limited to) London Ontario Canada.

  These are some past & present clients for a variety of graphic design projects

These are some past & present clients for a variety of graphic design projects

Andrea injected a burst of inspiration and creativity to my project. Her ability to help me define the parameters and the wording was much appreciated. She was prompt and professional, while working with a very tight timeline.”
— Anne Wheatley, Business Coach
I was able to begin implementing some of the website recommendations you gave me very quickly. The way you laid out my web audit was very effective and not overwhelming to me at all. I really enjoyed it actually. You are very skilled at this! I would love your help on implementing the strategic blog posts.
— Cristina Bonilla, Healer & Mentor
“Andrea is wonderful to work with. She has a rare combination of professionalism and ease in her approach.”
— Hildegard Westerkamp, Soundscape Composer