Book Design for Self Publishing Authors

I help self publishing authors who need a professional book cover and/or interior.

I LOVE the process of honouring your work by transforming your writing into an actual professional book (printed or ebook).

If you are a “DIY” type person – that is wonderful (me too! : ) – there are literally a gazillion resources to help you format your Google doc or Microsoft Word document to become an ebook – search “format for ebook” and you’ll be off to a strong start.

However, there are many technical/aesthetic hoops to jump through in the quest for a professional, saleable book!

Especially if you want to provide your audience with the option of a printed book (which many people do).

Imagine for a moment (try not to pass out) a few of the small details: the width of the spine, the bar code, the extra marketing tidbits that should go on your back cover (e.g., reviews).

I do all that stuff.

If you are considering either a “print run” or offering your book “on demand” e.g., on Amazon, your book needs to be designed from the outset with that in mind.

Cheap design is . . . cheap. And it can really cost you in the long run!