Lili Wexu, Voiceover Talent

 Lili Wexu, Voiceover talent  Photo by Bjoern Kommerell

Lili Wexu, Voiceover talent
Photo by Bjoern Kommerell

A long-time friend and client, Lili Wexu is sought out as a trilingual voiceover artist, actor and writer. Originally from Montreal, she currently resides in Los Angeles CA.

Bonjour! Thank you for very much for agreeing to take part in this interview!

Could you please describe what a voice over artist does?

Typically, a voice over artist (or VO talent as we say in the business), is someone who is hired to use their voice to narrate content. It could be the voice you hear in commercials, YouTube videos, elevators, voicemail, or on your GPS. Basically, anywhere you hear a voice but don't see a face!

One interesting example is "dubbing", which involves voicing words, including the appropriate emotional content – in one language, while following the actors' lips moving – in a different language. I just did my first dubbing commercial in Spanish and that was fun!

Is there any book you really enjoying at the moment?

Yes! What Makes Love Last by John Gottman. He's a relationship "scientist", so to speak. His lab research is incredibly insightful and helpful. According to the book, kindness within the relationship is a key factor, and that often manifests in responding to each partner's interests. Not necessarily in huge overt ways, but rather, in taking interest in the smallest comments and things they want to share. 

Also, there is something about viewing the «wins» of one partner as something that is good for both partners. Basically, couples have to look for win-win situations. What’s good for one, has to somehow be good for both. 

Being extremely communicative and inquisitive about sex, preferences and needs is very important too, so that a healthy sex life can continue over the years. 

And apparently remembering the early phases of the relationship in a positive, affectionate light is important. The moment we start viewing the past in a negative light, apparently, the relationship is down in the dumps!

How do you keep yourself motivated and inspired?

I am a very curious person by nature, so I get inspired all the time! To be practical in regards to motivation though, I have noticed that taking on smaller projects (or cutting a bigger project into smaller ones), AND only doing one thing at a time, really helps me to stay engaged. If a project is too monumental or unachievable, I seem to get deflated and lose interest.

Where do you think creative ideas come from?

Not sure! But that's a great question. My favorite theory so far is the one Elizabeth Gilbert shares in her book Big Magic. She proposes that ideas are out there in the ether, and that they come to us regularly, but that if we don't do something to materialize them, they move on to another willing co-creator. 

To that point, Michael Jackson said that when he got an idea in the middle of the night, he'd rush to write it down, out of fear that it would move on to Prince if he didn't write it down fast enough!

I certainly feel like I've neglected to write night time ideas in the past, and that they've moved on to others as well!

If you could give one piece of advice to yourself as a child, what would it be? 

Relax. It will all work out. Don't sweat the small stuff (because I do). Just do one thing at a time, keep at it, stay curious, stay healthy, respect yourself and others in everything, and it will all be divine! 

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