Entrepreneurs: Share your Book with More People via – your Facebook "Intro"

In the sometimes overwhelming universe of self-publishing, the term “book marketing” is kinda vague.

Here’s my own personal approach:

Let’s take steps to honour & celebrate you and your book!

By sharing it more. . . to the best of your ability and resources!

With dedication, this approach brings book sales.

There’s really no shortcut (although YES – paid ads, a better book cover, and other strategies can speed things up!).

This new blog series is dedicated to simple “baby steps” you can take to connect and share (and SELL) your book with those people who will appreciate and grow from it! This is what marketing is to me: finding creative and ingenious ways to honor you and your amazing work.

In my mind, it’s a work in progress, not a “succeed/fail” thing.

Here we go!

Let’s share your work with more people with a simple 5 minute tweak to your personal Facebook page that I see too many authors neglecting.

This baby step is only relevant if you are an active facebook user, and you’re logged in.

FB Intro: an easily-overlooked opportunity to share!

FB Intro: an easily-overlooked opportunity to share!

Every personal facebook account has an area at the left (under the profile image) called the Intro.

You can link this directly to your work.

Step 1

Edit your intro to include who you help, and what you do!

You can edit the Intro text by clicking on the pencil” icon beside the text.


Update / save.

Anyone and everyone checking out your profile sees this area. It’s a simple, easily-overlooked spot to communicate!

Step 2

Click on the “pencil icon” again to customize the different parts of your Intro in a way that reflects what your goals are!


Step 3

Update your info to include relevant link to your Author page, or your book’s FB page, business activities etc.



How long did that take, 5 minutes? : )

If you like, feel free to comment below please with your “Helper” statement! : )