Mushrooms: a journal for mushroom enthusiasts!

Here is a journal for mushroom lovers of all kinds! Foragers, chefs, magic mushroom adventurers.

This journal is a reflection of my outrageous enthusiasm for (edible) mushrooms, which I find super beautiful, weird & fascinating! The journal itself is 160 pages, creamy pages, 6” x 9” and available (print on demand) from Amazon : )

Front Cover of Mushroom Lover’s Journal

When I think of mushrooms, I think of a forest / disc golf park near my boyfriend’s home. We play in the forest in all kinds of weather, but only certain (special) times of years the mushrooms are showing themselves!

“Mushroom-lover approved! This journal is perfect for recording your foraging treasures… or just chasing down your thoughts (and catching them).” – Melissa Perkins, Mushroom Lover & Copywriter, Emerson Ink

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Front cover (plus spine), back cover, and a few of the interior pages (called a “spread” by book designers) of the mushroom lover’s diary!