A delightful book of stylish bread recipes for adventurous bread lovers!

The Fun of Baking Bread! 

by Andrea Schmidt, Travelling Baker

NOT just another overview book about bread baking!

Let the warmth & charm of The Fun of Baking Bread take you by the hand and lead you into a world of satisfying, delicious fresh bread that you can bake at home.

Choose from 26 imaginative bread recipes with variations that will help you take your breakfasts, lunches, and dinners to a new level, and ensure that you never buy bagged bread again!




Preview: Read the Introduction to The Fun of Baking Bread!
Foreword by: Sarah Fortunato
Specs: 78 pages, full colour, otabind (layflat), soft touch laminate cover. Printed in Ontario.
Content: 26 recipes (A–Z) plus recipe variations and tips
Diets: Clearly marked - Wheat-free recipes (6), Gluten-free recipes (4), Vegan recipes (14)
Special Features: Includes 5 tutorial demonstration videos
Project Background: This book is a mashup of all my weird skills including writing, graphic design, photography & culinary training.
Amazon KPF Format: If you have a Kindle Fire, tablet or smart phone you can order the Ebook in Print Replica Textbook (.KPF) format on Amazon. Also, please feel free to write and post an honest customer review of the book on Amazon!
Special Mention: The printed book is possible entirely thanks to a successful kickstarter campaign!
Publisher: A-Schmidt Media, Independent Publisher



This is a printed copy of The Fun of Baking Bread! + 1 hour of one-on-one bread coaching with the author via skype! Would you like to ask questions, work on a specific recipe, practice shaping, just have some fun baking bread with someone? Discuss & arrange the session ahead of time by email, phone (519) 494-7151 or skype. Why bake bread alone if you can bake with a (virtual) bread coach in the comfort of your own home?! Get the Ebook for free when you order the Deluxe Package!

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“This book is approachable and user-friendly. I recommend it to anyone who is curious about baking bread but feels slightly intimidated – they should go ahead and give The Fun of Baking Bread! a try.”
— Chef Brian Erskine, Hangar B Eatery
“I love the idea of getting in the kitchen with my kids & encouraging them to create so many beautiful breads. Family time and delicious food? Sign me up!”
— Julie Cole,Vice-President, Mabel's Labels
“Reading this book fills me with a new, more urgent sense of excitement for baking bread – one of those simple yet profound, often-overlooked human activities that can actually change your life if you let it.”
— Mikael Krogerus, Writer
“The Fun of Baking Bread takes the guesswork out of the process of baking bread and opens up new possibilities for anyone to try creating healthy and delicious bread. Written with obvious joy and enthusiasm, this book should be on everyone’s shelf. Let the culinary adventure begin!”
— Alice Sahagian, Artist