When You Bake Bread, Are Your Results "So-So"?

Are your loaves a little dense and disappointing (after all that work)?  


Discover how Easy it is to RAISE your bread baking game and bake EXCEPTIONAL loaves of bread
for your guests and family – using simple techniques & ingredients. 

“Reading this book fills me with a new, more urgent sense of excitement for baking bread – one of those simple yet profound, often-overlooked human activities that can actually change your life if you let it.”
— Mikael Krogerus, Author & Journalist

Choose from 26 imaginative bread recipes with variations. Teach your children a practical & unusual life skill that will help you take your breakfasts, lunches, and dinners to a new level

(and ensure that you never need to buy bagged bread again)!

The Fun of Baking Bread captures the essence of the baking in a way that is very inspiring. The recipes give valuable tips that are so important to the success of bread baking. The variations expand the original recipe introducing easy ways to learn more. So many different recipes to expand your bread baking knowledge. This recipe book will encourage you to keep baking for the joy of it.
— Bruce Wilson, Former president of Canadian Federation of Chefs de Cuisine

Do you have ancient grains growing in your backyard? 
Do you obsess over feeding schedules for your sourdough starter? 


You do NOT need a sourdough starter, ancient grain or fancy bread equipment to make slow(er) fermented, delicious and nutritious bread. The recipes techniques in The Fun of Baking Bread are for everyone!

“This book is approachable and user-friendly. I recommend it to anyone who is curious about baking bread but feels slightly intimidated – they should go ahead and give The Fun of Baking Bread! a try.”
— Chef Brian Erskine, Hangar B Eatery

Baking bread is addictive, especially if you love sandwiches! In my world, sharing a warm, fragrant loaf of bread with someone is about as good as it gets.

Andrea Schmidt’s approach to baking bread is honest and simple. It reads like a good friend gently helping you make sense of a mystery! It’s more than recipes; it inspires one to experience the essence of connecting with their food in a creative way, touching patience, curiosity and experimentation. Baking bread is an art form and and can’t be done from scratch in a mechanical way, so this book coaches and encourages as much as it does instruct. Great for parents wishing to share something fun . . . and a hell of a lot more wholesome than Netflix!
— Amazon Customer

This is NOT just another book about baking bread!

I wrote, designed, photographed, tested, and kickstarted this book during what turned out to be one of the most challenging years of my life. Baking bread is very grounding and healing for me, and so is creativity. Little did I know it would go on to become a success on Kickstarter, and lead to joy and happiness! I put EVERYTHING I have into this book and I hope you will have fun with it!

– Andrea Schmidt, Graduate of George Brown Chef School, Baking & Pastry Arts Program

Special Features of The Fun of Baking Bread! 

  • Foreword written by George Brown Pastry Chef & Instructor Sarah Fortunato (Cocoa Fortunato)

  • Links to YouTube tutorials showing traditional & non-traditional loaf shaping techniques

  • 78-pages of full colour printed & bound pages including variations for each recipe and a beautiful, protective soft touch laminate cover

  • A lively private Facebook group you can join to share photos of your results!


    buy the first edition printed book! 

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This is a printed copy of The Fun of Baking Bread! + 1 hour of one-on-one bread coaching with the author via skype! Would you like to ask questions, work on a specific recipe, practice shaping, just have some fun baking bread with someone? Discuss & arrange the session ahead of time by email, phone (519) 494-7151 or skype. Why bake bread alone if you can bake with a (virtual) bread coach in the comfort of your own home?! Get the Ebook for free when you order the Deluxe Package!

“I love the idea of getting in the kitchen with my kids & encouraging them to create so many beautiful breads. Family time and delicious food? Sign me up!”
— Julie Cole, Vice-President, Mabel's Labels


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